Upholstery Cleaning


        Plush carpet cleaning Wellington is able to clean all types of fabrics. Our technicians will inspect the piece of furniture to be cleaned and determine the best process and machine to use in accordance with fabric content and manufacturers recommendation. The sofa or armchair will Initially be checked for colour fastness. The sofa is then pre sprayed to assist in the breakdown of soiling and then extracted using specialist upholstery tools and powerful extraction machine to remove deep soiling. The fabric is cleaned, rinsed and extracted of residues and takes approximately 4 hours to dry depending on air flow available sunlight and the temperature of the room.


Regular cleaning of soft furnishings not only looks fantastic and is more hygienic, it will extend the life of of the sofa or armchair. The equipment and products used by Plush Carpet Cleaning Wellington are of the highest technical standards, and with over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry we feel our comprehensive service is second to none.


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