Steam cleaning and shampoo methods available
A multi stage process is used to achieve spectacular results


Our technicians pre spray your carpets with a biodegradable cleaning solution that aids in the breakdown of soiling and stubborn stains.


A rotary carpet agitator is used to loosen deep down soiling not accessed by extraction cleaning alone. This method has been used successfully by leading international cleaning companies and is especially useful on heavily soiled carpets.


The carpet is steam cleaned, (hot water extraction New Zealand Standard 3733. 1995 for carpet cleaning) and rinsed using powerful extraction machines that deliver immersion heated water and emulsifiers to remove deep soiling and stains. The powerful extraction leaves the carpet clean and ready to walk on immediately. The carpet will dry depending on season and airflow in about 2 to 3 hours. The equipment and products used by Plush Carpet Cleaning Wellington are of the highest technical standards. The cleaning process (hot water extraction) is recommended by Shaw Industries the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and the New Zealand wool board. With over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry we feel our comprehensive service at Plush Carpet Cleaning Wellington is second to none.


Any remaining stains are treated again with the appropriate solutions for tea, coffee, red wine, fruit juices, pets, oil/grease, even rust.


Especially useful for end of tennancy cleans, heavy smokers or if the family pet has pride of place in the corner of the living room. A deodoriser is applied to neutralise odours and give the carpet a fresh fragrance.